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Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition] Tool Download

Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition] Tool Download is an effective instrument for Android users who wish to turn off the OTA (over-the-air) update feature on their Samsung devices. This application was designed specifically to be used by Samsung users and works with a variety of Samsung tablets and smartphones. Through the Samsung OTA Disabler, users will be able to find the latest OTA update for their device and turn it off to block automatic updates.

Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition] Tool Download

Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition] Tool Download

Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition] Tool Download

The Samsung OTA Disabler tool is user-friendly and does not require know-how or technical skills. It works by completing three steps: identify the OTA update to block the update and then restart the device. The steps are as follows: detail:

Detect the OTA Update

It is the first thing to do. find the most recent OTA update for the Samsung device. This program will examine your device and look for any recent OTA update.

Step 1

  • Launch your Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition[B19 Edition] 2023.03.01 2023 tool on your PC.
  • Make sure you connect the Samsung device to your computer using the USB Cable.
  • Enable USB debugging on your Samsung device. (Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging)

Step 2

  • Select on the “Detect” button on the tool after you have your Samsung phone is connected, to the internet and USB debugging is turned on. The tool will start scanning your device to detect the most recent OTA update.

Block the OTA Update

If you’ve detected the latest OTA update the following step would be to stop the update. This tool, called the Samsung OTA Disabler tool will stop this OTA updates feature of the Samsung device.

Step 1

  • Hit”The “Samsung OTA Disable” button in the tool.

Step 2

  • You must wait for the tool to turn off this OTA updating feature in the Samsung device. Once the process is complete the application will show this message “OTA Disabled.”

Reboot the Device

The last step is to restart to restart your Samsung device. You must to apply the correct settings on your the device.

Step 1

  • Hit”about “ADB Reboot to” button on the tool.

Step 2

  • Choose “Reboot to System” to restart your Samsung device.
Samsung OTA Disabler B19 Edition

Samsung OTA Disabler B19 Edition

Extra Features:

ADB Tools

  • Bypass FRP [ADB]
  • Check System info
  • Disable SecurityLogAgent
  • Vivo Phone Exception FIX
  • Fix Setting Error [ ADB ]
  • Get LIST Partitions
  • Run Settings APP
  • Enable Diag

ADB Reboot for:

  • Reboot to System
  • Reboot to Recovery
  • Reboot to Bootloader
  • Reboot to EDL / 9008
  • Reboot to Download

Samsung Exynos options:

  • KG Bypass
  • Read EFS
  • Write EFS
  • Wipe EFS
  • Restore IMEI


It is the Samsung OTA Disabler [B19 Edition] Tool Download toolis an extremely powerful device for Samsung users looking to block this OTA update feature of their phones. This application is essential for all looking to gain full management over the Samsung smartphone due to its user-friendly interface as well as additional options.

It is crucial to be aware that removing OTA updates can stop your device from receiving crucial safety updates as well as bug patches. Make use of this tool only in conjunction with the procedure and in a safe manner.
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