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Download ModemMeta Tool -2023 Latest Version Download

Download ModemMeta Tool -2023 Latest Version Download. You are looking for a reliable tool to flash, write or fix IMEI in your Mediatek chipset? Check no more to ModemMeta Tool! In this post, we’ll give detail the latest edition of ModemMeta Tool, its capabilities, and how to utilize it.

Download ModemMeta Tool -2023 Latest Version Download

Download ModemMeta Tool -2023 Latest Version Download

What is ModemMeta Tool?

ModemMeta Tool is the ultimate solution for users looking to flash, edit or repair IMEI for the Mediatek chip devices. The tool is it’s successor of MauiMeta Tool and supports an array of Mediatek gadgets, such as mobile phones, feature phones and tablets.

Features of ModemMeta Tool

ModemMeta Tool comes with a range of options that make it an essential tool in the hands of Mediatek chipset device owners. A few of the top attributes of ModemMeta Tool include:

Installer Application:

ModemMeta Tool comes as an installation program that makes it simple to install on your PC.

Flash IMEI:

ModemMeta Tool allows you to flash or fix IMEI for your Mediatek products. While you are flashing or during the IMEI writing procedure, you may need to find the database files included with your device’s firmware.

Backup and Restore IMEI:

ModemMeta Tool allows you to make backups of your phone’s IMEI that can be restored at any time. It supports restore and backup of the IMEI of Mediatek smartphones as well as feature phones and tablets.

Supports Mediatek Chipset:

ModemMeta Tool only supports devices that are running the Mediatek chipsets. It will therefore is not able to work on devices that use chipsets that are not Mediatek. (qualcomm or SPD you must use another tool to repair the IMEI.)

modem meta tool download

modem meta tool download

How do I install and use Windows 7 and 8 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and Windows 10 and 11?

  1. Install the MediaTek driver as well as your phone driver to your computer.
  2. Download and extract the AP DB File, and then extract it onto Computer. Locate it. It is the NVRAM files or DB file whose name begins with MTXXXXX and the size is smaller. The file will be required in the future.
  3. Start the ModemMeta Tool to your PC.
  4. Then, in the application choose ” Smartphone” under the type of platform and then under port ensure ” USB” is selected.
  5. The connect button. This is quickly you can locate in the tool.
  6. Turn off your phone completely, and connect to your PC your MediaTek phone.
  7. Then wait to see if ModemMeta Tool to detect your device. It may take a while.
  8. When your device is correctly connected to the PC software, it is it will display your device.
  9. Simply click on ” Load DB” within the tool. Select an NVRAM file, or DB file, and then click ” Open“.
  10. Search the bar, then select ” IMEI Download” from the drop-down menu.
  11. Enter the IMEI information. It can locate it on your phone case or in your phone on the back.
  12. Once you have entered the IMEI information, click”Write” after entering the IMEI information ” Write” button. It is possible to can transfer it in the event that you have backup.
  13. After you have written the IMEI After that, the program will be able to display ” Write IMEI to target successfully“.


If you’re an MediaTek chipset device owner searching for a trustworthy tool to write, flash or modify IMEI to your phone, ModemMeta Tool is the best option. Download the most recent Version of ModemMeta Tool now and get charge of your Mediatek devices!
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