QMobile Flash File

QMobile Noir J1 Dead Fix Tested Flash File Free 100% Working

QMobile Noir J1 Dead Fix Tested Flash File Free 100% Working

MT6737M_EMMC_QMobile_QMobile J1_7_0_alps-mp-n0_mp1-V1_0_2_tinno6737m_35_n_P126(2018_11_17_22_28)
 Detecting high speed port, wait……
 If driver not installed, install high speed port driver.
 If not need high speed port, disable it.
 After repeat opperation.
 Detected : MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port (COM8)
 Build ID: NRD90M
 Display ID: alps-mp-n0.mp1-V1.0.2_tinno6737m.35.n_P126
 Version: 7.0
 Build Date: Mon Jun  5 20:06:23 CST 2017
 Mediatek Version Release: alps-mp-n0.mp1-V1.0.2_tinno6737m.35.n_P126
 Model: QMobile J1
 Brand: QMobile
 Device: J1
 Manufacturer: QMobile
 Dumping Preloader.
 Start dumping flash, this can take up to 1 hour…….
 Start processing proinfo
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x80000          – LEN: 0x300000        
 Start processing nvram
 Start processing protect1 ……
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x880000         – LEN: 0xa00000        
 Start processing protect2 ……
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x1280000        – LEN: 0xa00000        
 Start processing lk ……
 Start processing boot 
 Start processing recovery 
 Start processing logo ……
 Start processing secro
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x5200000        – LEN: 0x600000        
 Start processing trustzone
 Start processing frp ……
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x6a00000        – LEN: 0x100000        
 Start processing nvdata ……
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0x6b00000        – LEN: 0x2000000       
 Start processing system
 Reading:  BEGIN: 0xb000000        – LEN: 0xc0000000      
 Saved to : C:UsersM ShoaibDocumentsAndroid_MTKfirmware_backupMT6737M_EMMC_QMobile_QMobile J1_7_0_alps-mp-n0_mp1-V1_0_2_tinno6737m_35_n_P126(2018_11_17_22_28)
 Wait untill phone will start charging.
 All done.

How To Flash –QMobile Noir J1 

Perfectly Working You Must Need to Follow Below

  1. Download Latest version Flash Tools
  2. Extract On Your Computer( Any Drive)
  3. Download You Mobile Same Version Firmware
  4. Extract On Your Computer
  5. Install Your Phone USB Driver On Your Pc
  6. Now Open SP Flash Tools On Your Pc
  7. Load Scatter File Frome Extract Firmware Location
  8. Click Download And Update Button
  9. Now Connect Your Phone With Your PC USB Cable
  10. Your Phone Star Flashing Wait for 5/7 Minute
  11. When Complete Flashing Process Then You Green Ring Will Paper
  12. Now Complete Your Phone Updated
  13. Remove USB Cable & Enjoy Mobile Phone
  14. Don’t Forget Comment & Share Thank You
Warning Note: Fast Backup Your Phone Important Personal Data When Flash Your Phone Erase All Data File. So Please Fast Backup Data And Flashing Your Phone Own Risk.
QMobile Noir J1     Flash File

Following are the steps to perform in order to Flash Stock Rom or any other custom ROM using so called flash tool SP(Smart Phone) Flash Device on a windows computer. Before starting the process of flashing make sure that your smartphone device has at least 50 percent of battery.

  1. Extract the flash file in any folder on your computer or laptop device.
  2. Need to install SP Flash Tool, Driver and Instruction manual.
  3. Launch the SP Flash Tool and locates Scatter File Tool.
  4. Now, you need to connect your  QMobile Noir J1     with the computer and make a connection.
  5. Now click on upgrade and just wait for some time (minutes).
  6. Once the process successfully completed you will get a green signal.

    We hope this article will help you in solving the problems related to QMobile Noir J1    Flash File. And if it helps to solve your problem don’t forget to share with your friends and share your views about it.

    MT6737M_EMMC_QMobile_QMobile J1_7_0_alps-mp-n0_mp1-V1_0_2_tinno6737m_35_n_P126(2018_11_17_22_28)

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