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LURam Hello IOS 15/16 Bypass ICloud Hello Screen & Passcode

Windows Tool – ICloud Hello Screen 15/16 Passcode & Broken Baseband iPhone IPad

LURam Hello IOS15/16 Bypass iCloud Hello screen & Passcode Broken Baseband iPhone iPad

#LURam #helloscreen @IOS16 #Bypass#IPhone #checkm8 Boot #jailbreak #iPad We are pleased to

LURam Hello IOS 15/16 Bypass ICloud Hello Screen & Passcode

 welcome our newest tool to our family:

LURam Hello IOS 15/16 Bypass No signal Edition

:- Automatic purple mode working in windows (No DCSD)

:- Automatic change iPhone serial number (No dcsd).

:- No Files are required; It’s server-side-to-side

:- Supported devices in purple Starting at iPhone 7 To x

Ipads and Older Versions: You will need Dcsd Cable, purple from mac


For the best results, make sure you are doing Powned Dfu from mac or Iso

Use windows tools sparingly.


iCloud Login working best

No battery drain

Do not fix working

The device does not feel hot.


Stable work from the best team ever


LURam Hello IOS 15/16 Bypass ICloud Hello Screen & Passcode


Problems with some devices not being registered have been solved

– . corrected the Purple Mode bot. It works on devices 7 to X.

. can also use other devices with DCSD or MAGICO cables

Support for the iPad has been provided, and a skip has been added

-Click here to change your sn. You can now change any cable that you wish.

You can manually change the sn by going to this link: sn==>SN Is visible only in the support group

Guide for LURAM – The Ultimate Windows RAMDISK tool



* Windows PC/Laptop

* USB Stick/Thumb drive/Pendrive/Flash Drive (8GB+ Recommended)

Decryption Key : ZdjL1yQaAlExqDr2vP33vg


How to Fix Drivers for Windows (DO NOT SKIPT)

Remove the windows driver from the phone that is already connected

  • Go to the device manager and delete it
  • Do not disconnect your device
  • Place the file in the Drives directory

Verify Drivers


Now, disconnect your phone and reconnect it

Open 3utools Toolbox – Repair Drivers For Device

Check Drivers installed are good or bad from the Device Manager on your PC

Sound Installation – Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

Create a bootable USB for Pwndfu

  • Get Pwndfu Iso from the Above Links
  • Open 3uTools Flash & Jailbreak Options
  • Choose Make Checkra1n Jailbreak USB flash drive
  • Choose Local Image – Pwndfu Iso
  • Make a bootable USB
  • Bootable Flash Drives are now available.
LURam Hello IOS 15/16 Bypass ICloud Hello Screen & Passcode


  • USB Boot
  • Place device in DFU Mode.
  • Pwndfu Mode
  • After a successful Pwndfu, restart your PC and windows.
  • To avoid making mistakes, verify drivers as before.
  • Open LURam Ramdisk Tool
  • Click “Connect iDevice” and wait for the Success Notification.
  • Click “Boot Device” and wait for the Success Notification.
  • Please note that the boot process may take up to 1-3 minutes, depending on your internet connection. It is recommended to use at least 15 MBPS. Low Internet Speeds May Cause Boot Failure
  • Click on Check SSH, and wait for the Success Notification.
  • Notification: In the event of an error, please open Device Manager and verify Drivers again. You can also use the local driver to drive.
  • Backup
  • After successful backup, restore the device to the latest iOS version (no data recovery/quick flash).
  • Repeat steps 1-8 for activation with backup.
  • Click on “Activate iDevice”.

Windows Ramdisk by LURam Ramdisk

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