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ZM RamDisk Tool For Windows Computer Free Download

ZM RamDisk Tool For Windows Computer Free Download

ZM RamDisk Tool is a little tool designed for Windows computers. Users can get rid of the activation lock or delete the iCloud account using iOS 15. and the most recent version at no cost. There is no need to sign up for ECID or use EFT or UnlockTool. Complete all tasks using this tiny tool.

ZM RamDisk Tool For Windows Computer Free Download

This is the most current method of avoiding activation on devices with passwords or deactivating the lock screen with iOS14 and iOS15. It is possible due to the checkm8 exploit that runs from A9 to A11 devices.


iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s until X are supported

iOS 15.x.x Supported

Passcode | Disabled Devices Supported Only

GSM | MEID Supported


  1. This tool is compatible with Windows PC
  2. You don’t receive a signal or Call after this method of bypass.
  3. Devices that are supported from 6s to X, which are accessible on Hello Screen.
  4. There is no need to jailbreak to use this program.
  5. This is a paid service and tool. You must sign up for your ecid before bypassing.
  6. This tool supports ios 15 and or higher.
  7. All other functions usually operate after the bypass.
  8. You are not able to update and reset with this software.
  9. To utilise this tool, you must repair the Serial by using the purple mode.
  10. It would help if you fixed your drivers before entering pwndfu mode.

ZM RamDisk Tool For Windows Computer Free Download

How To Use?

Step 1: Connect DFU Mode

Step 2: Enter Pwndfu Mode. An essential step is If the exploit fails to attempt it again a couple of times If the tool states that the device has been pwned. Mode, you can continue.

Step 3: Booting the device takes around 10 seconds. When the phone starts to reboot, it’s not working, and you’ll need to try the process.

The 4th step, Passcode Bypass Backup: When the tool states backup saved, verify first the activation files on the PC documents folder that contains your ECID identified. If the folder does not contain activation files, you must go through the steps again.

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