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Click Tool PRO Samsung Motorola And Lg Frp Unlocking Tool Download

Click Tool Release – Limited Free Samsung MTP-FRP – 2023 Are you looking for the right tool to install on your Samsung device? No need to search any further! Click-Tool Release with its amazing new features will improve your Samsung Journey even more. This article will describe the new features and improvements of this version, along with the correct way to use it. Learn about Click Tool PRO now.

Click Tool PRO Samsung Motorola And Lg Frp Unlocking Tool Download

Click Tool PRO Samsung Motorola And Lg Frp Unlocking Tool Download

Click Tool PRO Samsung Motorola And Lg Frp Unlocking Tool Download







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  • Added READ – WRITE – ERASE and RESET partitions to the Qualcomm module
  • Added Flast full Samsung firmware via EDL (easy debrick)
  • Added Em token auth removal to restore the phone to its original State in samsung tab
  •  Added BETA SPD IMEI repair for all devices via Dialog


  • Bug fixes

READ – WRITE – ERASE & RESET partitions

With the new version, you can perform a number of partitioning operations on Qualcomm-based mobile devices. If you need to read or write partitions, erase them, or reset them, Click-ToolPRO has you covered.

EDL is a simple way to flash full Samsung firmware.

Click-Tool pro offers a quick fix in the case that your Samsung phone is bricked due to software problems. The new update includes the ability to flash a full Samsung firmware in EDL mode (Emergency Download Mode), which is also commonly known as ‘easy debrick. This feature allows you reinstall the original firmware on your device to make it function optimally.

Em token auth removal for Samsung tab

Click-Tool has developed a new method for removing EM token authentication from Samsung tablet devices. This feature restores your Samsung tab’s initial state, removing restrictions imposed from EM token verification. This enhancement allows for customizing and optimizing your device, according to your personal preferences.

BETA SPD IMEI repairs for all devices using Dialog

Click-Tool introduces BETA SP IMEI repairs for all devices through Dialog. This addition allows for IMEI repair on a wider array of devices. Click-Tool PRO will ensure that you can repair IMEIs on any supported device, including Samsung, LG, Motorola and others.

What’s Fixable

The latest update also addresses numerous bugs and issues. This ensures an improved user experience. Click-ToolPRO fixes known bugs and enhances the tool’s overall reliability. Click-ToolPRO will perform as expected with these fixes.

Servers Online

Click-Tool PRO has decided to celebrate this new release by providing free access for Samsung FRP Server. This limited-time deal allows you access to the powerful FRP functionality (Factory Reset Prevention) without additional charges. Click-Tool PRO’s online servers can help protect your Samsung and you.

Click-Tool PRO:

For the best use of Click Tool PRO and its many features, please follow these simple instructions based on the brand of your device:

Click Tool PRO

Click Tool PRO

FRP Actions for Samsung:

  • Connect your Samsung device in normal mode.
  • Launch Click Tool PRO and choose the FRP Option.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on screen to start FRP.
  • Click-Tool® PRO will guide through the steps required to bypass Samsung FRP.

Steps for LG:

  • Connect your LG in download or normal mode.
  • Click-Tool® PRO, and select the FRP (Full Reproduction) option.
  • Follow the prompts to initiate the FRP on your LG Device.
  • Click-Tool PRO can help you bypass FRP on LG phones.

Steps for Motorola FRP:

  • Connect your Motorola device either in factory mode (fastboot) or the fastboot mode.
  • Click on the FRP button in Click Tool PRO.
  • Follow the instructions in order to start the process of FRP for Motorola devices.
  • Click-Tool® PRO will simplify and streamline the Motorola FRP bypassing procedure, making sure you have a trouble-free experience.

Click-Tool PRO has FRP functionality that you can use to unlock your Samsung LG Motorola devices.


The Click Tool PRO releases brings a host of new functions, bug fixes and enhanced server abilities to streamline the Samsung experience. Click-Tool® PRO gives you the power to take full control of your Samsung device. This includes performing multiple partition operations, updating Samsung firmware, removing EM token authentication, and repairing IMEI.

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