ICloud Unlock

Icloud Bypass Tool Fake iOS V15.0 Free Download


Free Fake iOS 15.0 Tool to remove iCloud lock on iPhone and iPad. the tool was developed by THANH LAPLE APPLE. the tool is allowed to perform all operations on the jail device if you connect directly to the computer and try to use the tool does not work. first, you need to install jailbreak on your device and use this tool

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  • Start fake ios
– In this option, you can start the tool for performing the various tasks you need to
  • Check ICCID New
–  Every SIM card has an ICCID number, which stands for Integrated Circuit Card Identifier and consists of 19 to 20 characters. Note: To ensure your device works properly, please verify the correct SIM card is being used by matching the ICCID number associated with your device IMEI.
  • Back Original
– You can perform this task and back to the original ICCID on your iPhone and iPad Device with a single click only
  • Check Connect
– In this option, you can check the device is connected properly to your computer with a single click.


Interaction: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit) fully functional.

Take a backup: When you’re ready to try the above tool, please save your data from your Android smartphone or tablet. As firmware or light recovery can be a brick tool.

Credits: The tool was developed and distributed by the maker of the fake iOS v15.0 manufacturer. Therefore, full credit goes to the developer to share the tool for free.

Download Link:: Link

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