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MP Service Module Tool V1.0.3 MediaTek And Qualcomm Tool

MP Service Module Tools V1.0.3 (MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool)

MP Service Module Tools V1.0.3 is a small tool for MediaTek and Qualcomm smartphones. it is allowed users to remove user lock, FRP, Auth bypass, Qualcomm Boot fix, Hard brick device MTK fix one click, and some more interesting functions in the tool. is it a free tool with no need for activation or any key for opening the tool. it supports all major device that was running on MTK and Qualcomm-based CPUs.

  • Samsung
  • VIVO
  • OPPO
  • Realme
  • Xiaomi
  • Huawei
  • Others
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Features MP Service Module:

  • MTK Unlock
– Format Factory
– Erase FRP (Samsung)
– Format OLD Type
– Erase NV (Baseband)
– SAFE Format Data
– Unlock Bootloader
– Read DUMP Preloader
– Erase FRP
– Backup DUMP BOOT
– Remove Demo VIVO
– Erase FRP New OS
– Erase MI Cloud
– Backup OEM Huawei
– Remove DEMO Method – Coming Soon
– Restore OEM Huawei
  • Qualcomm Service (Next update enable all functions)
– Read Info
– Format Factory
– Erase FRP
– Boot Manual Choose
  • Special FIX MTK
– OPEN Function
– Bypass AUTH
– Fix Complete OPPO A1K
– Fix DL Complete A15
– Fix DL Complete Realme C2
– Erase Samsung Cloud
– Backup NV RAM, NV DATA
Note:- Some interesting function has come with the new update, now the tool is supported only MTK Smartphone. but in the new update, you can Qualcomm base smartphone also unlock or flash with this tool.

How To Use?

  1. First, you need to download the tool from the below link
  2. Next extract the setup file at desktop
  3. Next, open the folder and double click on the setup file, and complete the installation process with a click on the Next button.
  4. Next, close the setup file and back to the desktop and run the “MTK SERVICE TOOL” as admin every time.
  5. Now Tool is open in your windows computer, if is not open on the first try then you can disable antivirus protection and uninstall the tool with Revo uninstaller and restart the computer, install the fresh setup again.
  6. Done !!! Enjoy the tool.
The first free MP service module tools (IMEI and IMEI-C) are now available on the MP Service Module Tools website. These tools are designed for the MediaTek and Qualcomm smartphones.
If you have a Qualcomm device, the tool works with any application that uses the Qualcomm proprietary services such as:
GPS, Video Camera, Accelerometer, etc.
MP Service Module Tool MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool
  • MP Service Module Tools V1.0.3 (MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool) Free Download
MP Service Module Tools V1.0.3 (MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool) is a library of tools and utilities built to help you develop, test, deploy and monitor the MP858EJ-S1 and MP858U2 based MP4s. The project is free for both developers and end-users.
This tool will provide you with a set of handy tools to help you in the development, testing, deployment and monitoring of the system. The project consists of three main modules:
– MP4 device module (device module)
– MP4 service module (service module)
– MP858EJ-S1/MP858U2 device module (device module)
MP Service Module Tool MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool
  • MediaTek Tool
The MediaTek MP Service Module Tool is a tool to enable the creation of MP Service module for Android. The tool allows you to generate, manage and test your MP Service module in a single process.
This is a big step forward in the way we present our product and it makes things simpler for users. We have applied our pre-existing experience from working with Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek, etc., and built this tool on top of it. If you are an existing user of our product, this will make things easier for you.
MP Service Module Tool MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool
  • Qualcomm Tool
In this post, I am going to focus on a couple of tools that have recently been released as part of new tooling for the MP Service Module (MSM) technology. The first one is the Embedded Software Development Kit (ESDK) from Qualcomm, which includes Visual Studio 2015 IDE, XCode Framework and SDK tools.
The second is the Qualcomm tool called MS_ModuleTooling. It is a set of tools to support MS_Module, a new feature in MSM. This is useful for developing embedded applications using MS_Module without having to use any external software.
MP Service Module Tool MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool
  • Screenshots of the Main Window
While there are various ways you can use MP Service Module Tools, we strongly recommend you check out the screenshots.
The MediaTek and Qualcomm tool is provided as an example of how you can use MP Service Module Tools in a variety of ways.
MP Service Module Tool MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool
  • MP Service Module Tools V1.0.3 (MediaTek & Qualcomm Tool
MP Service Module Tools is a tool suite providing multiple ways to develop MP4, 3G and H.264 (HLS) files, including the ability to create, edit, convert and encode the different formats using a simple user interface. The tool suite can be used for both Mac and Windows users and supports multiple file formats simultaneously like MP4, M4V, 3GP and HLS.
But MP Service Module Tools also has another feature: it can also handle video encoding. This means it will be able to encode videos at high quality as well as do basic video transcoding (like converting it from one codec to another).  It also has an option for saving the output video directly in the local folder or saving it in the current folder if you want to keep a copy of the video locally instead of uploading it (which saves you bandwidth).
Download Link:: Link

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