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TFTUnlock 2023- Latest Tool Download

TFTUnlock 2023- Latest Tool Download

Unlocker Digital TFT V2023-3 .1.1.1is a small windows-based computer program. It comes with numerous new models and features that are available. It is supported by Qualcomm and spd CPU and allows users to format, bypass FRP unlock sim, format, and bypass auth for MTK CPU. The tool is compatible with specific g models and can perform various functions in a single click.

TFTUnlock 2023- Latest Tool Download

TFTUnlock 2023- Latest Tool Download

The TFT unlock Tools are programs in software or tools used to unlock different gadgets or functions. They can be utilized to unlock a range of features like unlocking phones to be used with another provider or feature, unlocking the feature in an application or game, or even unlocking a device that’s been locked for a long time due to the mistake of not remembering the security code or password.

TFTUnlock 2023- Apple Android Latest FRP Tool Download


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It is important to be careful when using the TFT Unlock Tool because it could end the device’s warranty or cause other issues in the event of misuse. It’s always recommended to study the tool you’re thinking of using and verify that it’s reliable and secure before deciding.

If you’re trying to unlock your device with an alternative carrier, you should check with your current provider to see if they can unlock it on your behalf. Many pages have procedures in place to unlock devices for their customers.

It’s also important to remember that in certain situations, it’s legal to unlock a device with the approval of the maker or the carrier. For instance, in the United States, a law known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) prevents unauthorized access to devices.

Take your time and conduct your research before using any unlock tool. If you are unsure or have doubts, it could be beneficial to seek the help of a professional or tool maker.

  • Make sure that the tool you’re using is compatible with your device. Utilizing a tool that’s not explicitly designed for your device could result in problems and need to be more efficient.
  • Follow the directions that are provided by the tool attentively. Failure to follow the instructions could result in problems or stop the tool from functioning correctly.
  • Be aware of any potential risks or consequences that could arise from using the tool. Certain tools could invalidate the device’s warranty or cause problems, including damage to the device or making it unusable.
  • Be careful when installing unlock tools on the internet. Numerous sites claim to provide unlock tools but could, in reality, install malware or unsafe programs on the device. It is always wise to research and download programs from trusted sources.
  • If you need help unlocking your phone with tools for unlocking or have questions or doubts regarding the process, you should seek the help of an expert or manufacturer of your device.
  • Be aware that certain devices might not be able to be unlocked. For instance, certain devices may be locked by hardware that cannot be unlocked using software tools.
  • Be aware that certain unlock tools could require users to pay to make use of the tools. Although numerous free tools exist, some will require a fee to use their services.
  • Be cautious when providing sensitive or personal information to unlock devices. Specific tools require you to input details, like your phone number or serial number. Verifying the tool you’re employing is reliable and secure before providing the information is essential.
  • Remember that an unlock tool is only needed in some situations. There may be a way to unlock your gadget or access an option without tools in certain conditions. If, for instance, you’ve forgotten your password to the device you own, it could reset it following the manufacturer’s guidelines or contact the manufacturer or carrier to get assistance.
TFTUnlock 2023-

TFTUnlock 2023-



  • Resolving the issue of connecting your device with Brom
  • Add an entirely new Model.


  • Sideload mode using MI assistant and support for Qualcomm +
  • Mediatek version Android 11 12, 12
  • Disable Mi Cloud’s No Lock (Qualcomm)
  • Erase FRP
  • Format Data
  • Read Information
  • reset Mi Cloud (Mediatek)>>New
  • Wipe EFS


  • Samsung FRP allows ADB (*#0*#) new security patch 2022
  • [COM] Removing FRP Method: [1] Old Security Patch
  • Added [COM] Removal FRP Method 2: New Security Patch
  • Added [COM] Removal FRP Methods : [3] New Security Patch)>>New
  • Added [EDL] ERASE FRP
  • Added [BROM] ERASE MDM


  • Addition of [USB 1.0FRP ERASE
  • Added [EDL] ERASE FRP
  • Kirin (650|655|658|659|960|970|710|810)


  • Addition of New Loader Spreadtrum


  • Addition of New Loader Spreadtrum
  • Added [EDL] ERASE FRP





Updated photos Test-point For TFTUnlock


  • [MTK] [MTK] The A02 A22 A12 CORE
  • There is no need for TestPoinT and VOL + and VOL-Just insert cable!
  • [added FORCE BROM
  • Fixed ERASE FRP A11 M02S M11 M02S A01 , A70, A71
  • [QC] Test-Point Connect Reset MDM | Erase FRP


Tap Function

  • [Added] Reboot iDevice
  • [Added] Shutdown iDevice
  • [Added] Enter Recovery Mode
  • [Added] [REC+DFU] READ HW Information
  • [Added] [REC+DFU] Reboot Normal Mode on the iDevice (Exit Recovery DFU)
  • Tap DIAG [PurpleTap DIAG [Purple
  • [Added ] WRITE Serial/Bluetooth/wifi/Ethernet
  • [Added ] [DIAG] SN INFO
  • [Added] [DIAG] READ HW Information
  • [Added] [DIAG] UNLOCK WIFI
  • [Added ] [DIAG] SYSINFO


  • [QC] Added SafeFormat [Realme7i/Realme_X2Pro/Realme_C15/Realme_6PRO/Oppo A33]
  • “[QC]” Added FORMAT Old FS
  • [QC] Added FORMAT/ FSN New
  • [QC] Add RESET EFS
  • [A11s/A32/A33/A37/A51w/A53/A53s/A57/A73/A74/A76/A95/A96/F1/F3p/F17/F19/F19s/K9s/R9s/RENO4_5G/RENO5_5G/RENO6PRO5G/RENO7/RENO8/RENOX10Z]


  • [QC] Added SafeFormat [V5 PLUS/V5/X9Plus/Y55s/Y65/Y66/Y73/Y75s/Y85/Y79/Y93/V21E/V20/Y50/Y31s/Y20S/Y11/Y51]


Tap Meta

  • [META] Reboot to META MODE
  • Tap Function
  • [ADB] DISABLE DIAG MIUI 12-13 without Root
  • Tap Fastboot
Download TFTUnlock-2023

Download TFTUnlock-2023

What is the best way to use it?

  1. In the beginning, you must first download the file using the link below.
  2. After that, you must remove all files from the C: driveIt’s vitally crucial
  3. After that, you need to open the folder from where you need to extract all the files
  4. Start”TFT UNLOCKER.exe” to install the setup ” TFT UNLOCKER.exe” to install the TFT UNLOCKER setup on your computer.
  5. Then, you’ll be able to install all drivers if you have already installed them. You can skip this step
  6. Then, you can open the tool on your desktop, where you will find the shortcut you click and open using the administrator.
  7. Then click the login button to access the application (no need to activate it)
  8. Connect the phone to the internet and try to accomplish any task
  9. Enjoy !!!


Support: The tool works flawlessly on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Make a Backup: If you are looking to test the tool above, you should back up the personal information on Your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Because flashing any recovery or Firmware could cause the device to be damaged.

Credits: TFTUnlock has been developed and distributed via the creator. Therefore, all credit goes to the creator for sharing the tool at no cost.
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