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SPRD Upgrade Latest Version Tool Download

SPRD Upgrade Tool can be described as a program in software utilized by both developers and technicians to install or flash firmware on devices that run using Spreadtrum as well as UniSoc chipsets. This tool comes with number of features that make your job.

SPRD Upgrade Latest Version Tool Download

SPRD Upgrade Latest Version Tool Download

SPRD Upgrade Latest Version Tool Download

The most prominent characteristics that is unique to one of the most notable features in SPRD upgrade tool is the support it offers for various languages. It offers Chinese as well as English support, making it available to a wide spectrum of users who can have a language of their own. This feature can also broaden the audience for the tool, and increases its accessibility to professionals and individuals alike.

Another major characteristic that is a major feature of SPRD Upgrade Tool’s key feature is that it works to the .lod or .cfp file formats for firmware. Users are able to provide the main .lod file with correct header information, and then include the .cfp file if they wish. This allows the tool to work for various firmware types and gives users the freedom they need to upgrade their devices.

SPRD Upgrade Tool SPRD Upgrade Tool also offers various connection options. Users can connect via USB and COM ports according to what is most suitable for their configuration. This feature lets you flash multiple phones at once, however users must be cautious using USB and COM ports in an identical session.

It also comes with an erase function, which removes all data stored in the FLASH memory even radio frequency calibration files. This will ensure it is completely clean prior to the installation of a new firmware to avoid issues caused by data that has been left.

In addition it is worth noting that it is worth noting that the SPRD Upgrade Tool includes an option to save settings to speed up and simplify upgrade of firmware. Users can choose the port, start factory data, and conduct phases tests. This provides them with more control and allows them to tailor the process to their specific needs.


Feature Description
Multiple Language Support The program can provide Chinese as well as English languages and is therefore accessible to a wider user.
Firmware Compatibility The tool can work in conjunction with .lod as well as .cfp file types for firmware, making it adaptable to work with different types of firmware.
Connection Options Users can connect using USB or ports COM for flashing several phones at once.
Erase Function The tool includes an erase feature that wipes all data from the memory.
Save Settings Users can save their settings for faster and more efficient firmware upgrades as well as better control and more flexibility with their updates.

How to install .lod firmware on Spreadtrum or UniSoc devices using the SPRD Upgrade Tool:

Check that your device’s battery is charged minimum 40-50% and make a full back-up of your devices. Download and install the required drivers and other tools, such as SPRD Upgrade Tool and the SPD Driver and SPRD Upgrade Tool.

SPRD Upgrade Tool

SPRD Upgrade Tool

  • Switch off your device and connect to your computer using a USB cable, while pressing the boot button.
  • Start SPRD Upgrade Tool SPRD Upgrade Tool by double-clicking the fpupgrade.exe file (found in the SPRD Upgrade Tool folder).
  • When you have the SPRD Upgrade Tool is launched Once it is running, turn on the English option for language by selecting the English checkbox.
  • Select the LOD Browse button to search for the .lod firmware for your device on the computer.
  • When the .lod firmware has been loaded in the tool, click the button that says Start to initiate the flashing process.
  • The process of flashing firmware usually takes only a few minutes to finish.
  • After the flashing process has completed, you will receive an error notification at the bottom.
  • Congratulations! Now Close SPRD Upgrade Tool. Close the SPRD Update Tool. Then, then disconnect the device from your computer, and then restart it.


It is the SPRD Update Tool is an extremely powerful program which allows users to update or download firmware to devices running using Spreadtrum as well as UniSoc chipsets. The multiple languages it supports as well as firmware compatibility, connection options, erase function and save settings feature makes it a perfect tool for developers and technicians who want to update or repair the firmware of devices using these chipsets. The download of SPRD Upgrade Tool for Windows SPRD Update Tool to Windows is a vital step to get the most from your device.
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