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Locked Phones are meant to be those phones that are bound to one carrier only. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, buying an unlocked phone is the right choice. Similarly, a SIM network PIN could cause hassle for the user by not allowing them to insert a new SIM of their choice.
If you are dealing with the same SIM network PIN issue, then you can rely on our guidelines. In this article, we will specifically describe the ways of unlocking SIM network PINs. Moreover, you will know more about how you could unlock your Android Screen without Data Loss.

What is the Difference Between Locked and Unlocked Phone

Locked iPhone

Locked phones contain a wireless carrier which makes them rely on one single network. Many Samsung users face this inconvenience and want to resolve the issue as soon as possible. This locked phone feature is basically the result of the contract between Samsung company and network provider operators.
Samsung made this contract in exchange for the network provider advertisements on the boxes of different phones. Users couldn’t switch to another network provider till the contract expires.

Unlocked Phones

Unlock Phones are free to use as they are not carrier-specific. That means they use cellular services issued by various wireless carriers. These services carry some kind of limitations. A few steps carried out from software could take away all the restrictions on a locked phone.
First, you need to unlock a code that is implied on your phone by making some changes in the OS of the cell phone. Normally, this code remains on the phone until the contract expires between the network provider operator and Samsung phone company. Nowadays, hackers unlock phones easily in exchange for some fee charges.
Unlock your Samsung cell phone: Enjoy all the pleasures that having a cell phone has to offer. The freedom of sending text messages, making and receiving calls while you travel is priceless… Until you lock your SIM card and realize you can’t make any calls. No problem! Unlocking your Samsung cell phone is easy. We’ll remove the network restriction from your handset and you’ll be able to use the SIM card of your choice in the country of your choosing.
Unlocking your Samsung device has never been this easy! Please follow the instruction: 1. Insert the provided T-Mobile SIM card into the phone 2. Power on your phone 3. You will be prompted to enter unlock code 4. Enter code provided in box 5. The device will show as unlocked on the main screen
  • Unlock Samsung Mobile

usage guide:

a) device must be rooted
b) enable USB debugging & OEM unlock
c)connect device & run the unlock script .bat
d) wait for the procedure is being done
e) Carrier unlock done
f) insert any mobile Sim and enjoy an unlocked device.
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