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SamFW FRP Tool V4.0 Download Samsung Xiaomi Lg Android Tool

SamFW FRP Tool V4.0 Download Samsung Xiaomi Lg Android Tool

SamFw Tool 4.0 SamFw tool 4.0 is a firmware tool compatible with Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi devices. It addresses a few bugs and includes various optimizations and new features, such as the capability to recognize MTP Samsung ports. It can also enhance drive sign check checks, add the option to reset factory settings, enhance the read information function, and disable micloud for Xiaomi devices. This tool was designed to be compatible with multiple systems and is focused on improving and optimizing the functions that are already in place.

SamFW FRP Tool V4.0 Download Samsung Xiaomi Lg Android Tool

SamFW FRP Tool V4.0 Download Samsung Xiaomi Lg Android Tool

SamFW FRP Tool V4.0 Download Samsung Xiaomi Lg Android Tool


The tool from SamFw 4.0 has a variety of functions that are compatible with Samsung, Xiaomi, and LG devices, including:


  • Test mode
  • Eliminate FRP
  • Factory reset
  • Disable the Knox/Factory mode.
  • MTP/ADB/Download mode
  • Change CSC
  • Remove Samsung account
  • Enable toggle mobile data
  • Soft brick repair
  • Odin flash


  • ADB (Bypass Micloud Android 8.1 enable Diag[ROOT])
  • Fastboot (Remove FRP)
  • Transfer to Sideload (Factory reset, remove FRP Reset Micloud, read offline information about Micloud)


  • MTP (Factory reset)
  • EDL (Factory reset, remove FRP)


  • ADB (Battery information Enable/Disable OTA Update, Setting language, Factory reset FRP)
  • App Manager (Install APK/xAPK and Delete the bloatware)
  • ROOT (Remove screen lock)

The other features comprise:

  • Checking driver signature enforcement status
  • Installing Samsung/Xiaomi USB drivers
  • Installing VC+ 2015
  • Coming functions like changing the SN, cycle of battery, and accessing saved WiFi passwords by ROOT.

VersionDateMain Updates

  • 4.0 Today, Remove FRP in just one click. Change CSC with one click, and remove FRP to install a new Security patch (Aug 2022). Connect your phone to the PC. Install the Samsung driver, open the emergency call, dial the number #0#, and then select to remove the FRP using the tool, after which the handset will reboot after the FRP is removed.
  • 2.0 25/05/2022 Step to close a website and fix the ADB connection, add the Read Information MTP disable Knox Factory Reset (2 methods) MTP Open Browser ADB Take FRP Off (2 methods) Reboot MTP
  • 2.1 27/05/2022 Correct wrong text, add an open device manager and fix the UI bug
  • 2.2 27/05/2022 Improve FRP / Factory Reset/Disable Knox
  • 2.3 28/05/2022 Repair AT USB Connection Repair FRP Remove/Factory reset/Disable Knox for the new model and older PCs Completely update Factory Reset to automate
  • 2.4 3/6/2022 Add disable drive signature, ADB disable OTA Update, Open Browser multi options, Optimize UI
  • 2.5 5/6/2022 Enhance and Enable ADB function Optimize Reboot function Optimize Read Info function, add Stop button to exit Download mode/fix Softbrick Download mode ADB Set Language and Fix Disable Drive signature enforcement
  • 2.6 7/6/2022 Add Reboot Binary mode to read the information within Download Mode, FRP remove the old Android 5/6, uninstall the bloatware Samsung Optimize Reset Download mode Improve Factory Reset fix the problem of loading libraries
  • 2.7 14/6/2022 Create ADB Information about the battery, Odin Flash ADB Reboot/Reboot Download mode/Reboot Recovery mode, display COM code in the device list, Farsi language code remove the driver signature status check and list supported CSC check, fix loading progress, read information Download mode, optimize the auto-detect MTP/Download mode
  • 2.7.1 14/6/2022 Repair a small bug
  • 2.8 20/6/2022 Incorporate [ADB] to read all details, [ODIN] Auto extraction of the firmware. [SU] Disable screen lock [MISC Setup Samsung USB driver, auto-detect [MISC] Automatically identify Samsung driver, and Microsoft Visual C 2015 Fix [ADB] Read the list of CSC for older phones Fix [COM] List device, Enhance [TestMode] disable Knox. [ODIN] Auto-detect for MTP, Repair bugs, Security Update
  • 3.0 12/7/2022 Include [MTP] Enable Secret code, [TestMode] disable Factory mode, fix [MTP] Read information [DLM] Read data, Improve [TestMode] by changing CSC and [ADB] Find the list of CSCs supported [ADB] Verify the SU, [ADB] disable/enable ADB to remove any bloatware, Repair security updates, fix bugs.
  • 3.1 16/08/2022 Incorporate [ADBMobile data toggle, Install APK/xAPK, install any app that supports Dual Messenger
SamFw Tool 4.0 Download

SamFw Tool 4.0 Download

SamFw Tool 4.0


  • – Fix is unable to identify MTP Samsung ports in a certain PC
  • – Correct Drive sign verification and optimize for multi-system PC
  • – Improve and enhance Reboot, read information, assist LG


  • [DOWNLOADMODE] Add Factory reset
  • [ADB] – Improve the CSC list of reads, and enhance the function of hanging CSC


  • [MTP MODE[DOWNLOAD MODE] Add read details
  • [EDL] [EDL] Add Factory reset; Remove FRP


  • [ADB] [ADB] – Bypass Google Micloud 8.1 and enable Diag root
  • [SIDELOAD] Add Factory reset; Remove FRP; bypass Micloud (Anti Relock). Read offline data from Micloud.

Make sure you fix bugs.

How to Use?

  1. You first must get the ZIP file using the link below.
  2. Then, you should unzip all the files on the drive c: ( important)
  3. Verify that you have removed the antivirus before you start this installation
  4. Then to open the folder, set up the setup file using some basic instructions
  5. Start your “SamFwFRPTool .exe.” 
  6. After that, you’ll need to install all the drivers you have already installed them. You can skip this Step
  7. Connect the phone and attempt to perform any task
  8. Enjoy !!!
Download SamFw Tool 4.0

Download SamFw Tool 4.0

How To Download SamFw Tool 4.0

SamFw Tool 4.0 is excellent for downloading firmware for Samsung, LG, and Xiaomi devices. The tool is very simple to use and can be used by anyone. The tool is free and can be downloaded from the official website. The tool is very reliable and has been tested by many users. The tool is also available for Windows.
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