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OPPO Qualcomm Tool V1.0 By Udayanga Pradeep

OPPO QUALCOMM TOOL V1.0 CPH + RMX MODELS FACTORY RESET TOOL is a small tool that works on Windows computers. It lets users modify or FRP lock on Oppo CPH or RMX Models in one click without activation or purchasing any license at no cost for life. Boot the device into EDL mode, then remove the factory reset. Also, remove the locks on the user.

Supported OPPO – CPH, RMX Models:

Oppo CPH FORMAT Model List 1

  1. Reno 4 [CPH2113]
  2. Reno 5 [CPH2159]
  3. Reno 6[CPH2235]
  4. Reno 7 [CPH2363]
  5. Oppo A53 [CPH2127]
  6. Oppo A53s [CHP2139]
  7. Oppo A33 [CPH2137]
  8. Oppo A73 [CPH2099]
  9. Oppo A74 [CPH2219]
  10. OPPO A76 [CPH2375]
  11. OPPO A95 [CPH2365]
  12. OPPO A96 [CPH2333]
  13. Oppo A95 [CPH2365]
  14. Oppo F17 [CPH2095]
  15. Oppo F19 [CPH2219]
  16. Realme 7i [RMX2103]
  17. Realme C15 [RMX2195]
  18. Realme C17 [RMX2101]

OPPO Qualcomm RMX FORMAT Model List 2

  1. REALME 7i (RMX2103)
  2. REALME c17 (RMX2101)
  3. REALME 9 (RMX3521)
  4. REALME C15 (RMX2195)

How To Use?

  1. Download and Extract
  2. You do not need an account password to access the tool.
  3. Disable Windows Defender Antivirus
  4. Launch and Open (Instant)
  5. Connect device in EDL mode. Some models directly start to EDL, or certain phones need to be connected to a test point for a brief period (Supported Oppo Realme Reno]
  6. PerForm FACTORY RESET Operation
  7. ALL Done

Errors Will Result Due to Absence oF Driver For Qualcomm

to ensure that the correct driver is properly installed

File Download:


Support: The tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Create a backup: If you are interested in trying the above tool, make a backup of your personal information from Your Android Smartphone or Tablet. Because flashing any recovery or Firmware could damage the device.

Credits The OPPO QUALCOMM toOL V1.0 is created and distributed by the developer. Therefore, all credit goes to the developer who shared the tool at no cost.

Download Link:: Link

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