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MTK Auth Bypass Tool V106 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Download

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V106 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Download is a free software for windows that lets you disable DAA and SLA Auth (Secure Boot Protection) on any MediaTek MTK-powered phone effortlessly.

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V106 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Download

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V106 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Download

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V106 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Download

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Today, every Android phone comes with USB security to prevent third-party flashing tools and misuse by the phone. You can’t unlock or even flash the phone using authorization or a tool from the manufacturer. In this case, you’ll need the MTK MediaTek Secure Boot Disable tool to bypass the authentication security on your phone.

The MTK Meta Utility is a powerful tool that allows you to flash or get around DAA and SLA authentication in the Android device. In this blog article, we’ll explain how to utilize MTK Meta Utility to use MTK Meta Utility to flash and override DAA and SLA auth and unlock your Android device’s security. MTK Meta Utility helps to identify all Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Tecno, Xiaomi Redmi, Infinix, and other MediaTek processor-based smartphones.

MTK Meta Utility Tool (MTUT) is a computer tool used to carry out different tasks related to MediaTek (MTK) devices, including flashing firmware, unlocking bootloaders, and debugging. The capabilities and features of the tool can differ according to the version of the tool and the device it is utilized with.

In general, it’s essential to be cautious when working with any software that alters the firmware or other system settings of the device, as it may cause harm or cause instability when misused. It is also essential to ensure you have the appropriate technical knowledge and understanding of the hardware and firmware before using any of these tools.

Suppose you’re considering using a software tool such as MTK Meta Utility Tool. In that case, it’s essential to read the documents or instructions that come with the software and comply with all warnings and precautions. It’s important to save all important data on your device before using the tool in case of a problem. If you are concerned or have doubts about using this tool, you should talk to a technical expert for assistance.

  • MTK Auth Bypass Tool is specifically created to use MediaTek devices, a tablet, or a smartphone that uses the MediaTek processor.
  • MTK Auth Bypass Tool is a tool that can carry out various actions using MTK devices, such as flashing firmware or rooting the device unlocking the bootloader, and repairing the device if it’s broken.
  • To utilize either, you must connect and download it to your P.C. and connect the MTK device to your computer via the USB cable. Also, you must ensure that your gadget is set to Meta Mode, which can typically be accomplished by pressing a series of buttons on your device.
  • Being cautious while using such tools is crucial since flashing firmware onto devices can be risky. It is suggested that you use these tools only if you are comfortable with the procedure and are aware of the dangers associated with it. It is also recommended to back up your data before attempting to flash the firmware on your device.
  • The MTK Auth Bypass tool is made to work by MediaTek devices, a kind of tablet or smartphone that use the MediaTek processor. MediaTek processors are well known for their value and accessibility, making them popular in various low-cost and mid-priced devices.
  • MTK Auth Bypass Tool will allow users to carry out various tasks using any MTK device, such as flashing firmware and rooting the device, unlocking the bootloader, and repairing the device when damaged. Flashing firmware is installing a brand-new edition of an operating system on the device. It is employed to either upgrade or downgrade the device’s software or install a custom ROM. Rooting the device is getting permission to access the root system, allowing you to edit the system’s files and settings. Locking the bootloader lets you boot your device using custom ROMs or any other customized software. Repairing the appliance requires fixing any issues that could cause the machine to be unbootable or malfunction.
  • To utilize one of MTK Meta Tool or the MTK Meta Tool as well as MTK Meta Utility Tool, or MTK Meta Utility Tool, you’ll need to install and download this software onto your P.C. and attach it to connect your MTK device to your computer with the USB cable. Switching the device into Meta Mode is also necessary, sometimes referred to as SP Meta Mode or Download Mode. It is typically performed by pressing a series of devices’ buttons (such as the power and volume buttons). When the device is in Meta Mode, you can use the Meta Tool, the Meta Tool, and the Meta Utility Tool to carry out the desired task.
  • It is crucial to be cautious with these devices because flashing firmware onto devices can be risky. If something happens to go wrong during the flashing process, it’s possible to cause severe harm to the device that could render it unbootable or even not usable. It is advised only to employ these tools if they are comfortable with the procedure and is aware of the dangers involved. It’s recommended to create a backup of your data before attempting to flash firmware to your device if there is a problem and you have to restore your data.
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V75 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Tool Download

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V75 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Tool Download

Highlights MTK Auth Bypass Tool:

MTK Brom Mode:

MTK Meta Mode Utility V106 BROM MODE

  • Turn off the Auth
  • Dump Preloader
  • Crash Preloader
  • Crash Preloader To Brom
  • Samsung MTK Force Brom (DM)
  • Samsung MTK Exit Brom
  • Samsung MTK Rebuild PMT (D.M.)
  • FRL-L22 Y9A Force Brom
  • – Reboot Meta Meta
  • Reboot AT Mode
  • Reboot Factory Mode
  • Reboot Fastboot Mode
  • VIVO New SEC Read more information (F.M.)
  • Examine the MTKA D.A.
  • Analyze the Preloader

META Mode:


  • Read Meta Info
  • the Read Part (META)
  • Format Part (Meta)
  • Write Part (Meta)
  • Do a dump of MDDB/APDB (META)
  • DUMP NV Regions (META)
  • Dump User area (Meta)
  • dumped PGPT (Meta)
  • Do a dump of EXT_CSD (META)
  • EMMC Health Check (META)
  • Factory Reset – META
  • Factory Reset META 2
  • Gen FRP Reset PKG (META)
  • Read NVRAM
  • Wipe NVRAM
  • Write NVRAM
  • Unlock Network

Android Mode:


  • Read ADB Information
  • Read Fastboot Information
  • Exit Fastboot Mode
  • Xiaomi Enable Diag (ADB)
  • Installation: Install APK (ADB)
  • Deleting the Payjoy App (ADB)
  • generic ADB FRP Bypass
  • Generic Fastboot Factory Reset
  • generic Fastboot FRP Wipe
  • Wipe the NVRAM_NVDATA (Fastboot)
  • Extract Super IMG
  • Extract OFP (MTK + QCOM)
  • Extract Samsung ROM (MTK)
  • Extract Huawei UPDATE (MTK)
  • Extract OnePlus ROM (.ops)
  • Extract LG ROM (.kdz)
  • Extract RedMagic (payload.bin)

Extra Features:


  • Samsung Reboot into Download Mode
  • Samsung Read Info Download Mode
  • Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
  • Samsung Activate ADB (MTP)
  • Huawei Fastboot To Upgrade
  • Huawei Normal To Upgrade
  • VIVO Demo Remove (AT)
  • VIVO Demo Remove (MT6877T)
  • PGPT to scatter
  • Scatter the PGPT
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V75 Tool Download

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V75 Tool Download

SAMSUNG Features


  • Samsung MTK Force BRom (DM)
  • Samsung MTK Exit BRom (FM)
  • the SM-A326U (A32 5G) The BIT7 Repair Dead Brick
  • S-A037F KG Locked Force Brom (D.M.)
  • Samsung Read Info (D.M.)
  • Samsung Reboot (D.M.)
  • Samsung Activate ADB (MTP)
  • Samsung Factory Reset (MTP)
  • Samsung changed (SEC FLAG CTRL) (SEC CTRL FLAG) to (-1)

Flashing firmware: MTK Meta Utility Tool MTK Meta Utility Tool lets users flash the firmware on their MTK device. This allows you to update or downgrade your device’s software or even install a custom ROM.

It is necessary to root the device. This tool can be used to implant an MTK device and permits you access to the file system root as well as modify the system-level settings and files.

Locking the bootloader The tool can unlock the bootloader on the device. This lets you boot the device with a custom-built bootloader or any other customized software.

Repairing or replacing the unit: This tool can fix your MTK device if it has been damaged (unable to start) or has other issues.

Interface that is easy to use: MTK Meta Utility Tool MTK Meta Utility Tool has an easy-to-use interface that is simple to use, even for people who need to be more experienced using flashing or rooting devices.

Multiple support for MTK devices: The tool can work with many MTK devices, making it a flexible tool to work on MediaTek devices.

Secure and reliable: The tool has been created to be safe and reliable. It was tested to confirm that it could perform its task without causing any harm or harm to its device.

Supported CPUs:

  • MT6572
  • MT6580
  • MT6582
  • MT6592
  • MT6595
  • MT6735
  • MT6737
  • MT6739
  • MT6753
  • MT6755
  • MT6750
  • MT6750M
  • MT6750T
  • MT6750S
  • MT6757
  • MT6761
  • MT6762
  • MT3369
  • MT8766B
  • MT6763
  • MT6765
  • MT6768
  • MT6771
  • MT6779
  • MT6785
  • MT6795
  • MT6797
  • MT8127
  • MT8163
  • MT8516
  • MT8173
  • MT8695
  • MT6873
  • MT6799
  • MT8590
  • MT6781
  • MT6768
  • MT6883
  • MT6885
  • MT6889
  • MT6833
  • MT6853
  • MT6853V
  • MT6873
  • MT6891Z
  • MT6893
  • MT8765WB
  • MT8385
  • MT8183
  • MT8666
MTK Auth Bypass Tool V75 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Tool

MTK Auth Bypass Tool V75 (MTK Meta Mode Utility) Tool

Google Tool V106:22.05.2023 :

  • added Samsung Galaxy (A03) [SM-A035M(all bits) (all bits) (Latin America version) one-click dead boot repair through USB.
  • added Samsung Galaxy (A03 Core) [SM-A032M(all bits) (all bits) (Latin America version) one-click dead boot repair through USB.
  • Added Samsung Galaxy (A03/A03 Core) [SM-A035F/SM-A035G/SM-A032F] (all bits – up to U3) (international) one click dead boot repair via USB (new method, BIT 3 included).
  • added Samsung (UniSoC) general dead boot repair process by USB (BETA) to these models,
  • (need to utilize (BL) from a compatible firmware to complete repair) :
  • Samsung SM-T509 Galaxy Tab A7 10.4
  • Samsung SM-X200 Galaxy Tab A8 2021
  • Samsung SM-X205 Galaxy Tab A8 2021
  • Samsung SM-X205C Galaxy Tab A8 2021
  • Samsung SM-X205N Galaxy Tab A8 2021
  • Certain devices will not require the re-partitioning of eMMC and you can select the (Skip the rebuild of eMMC PMT) CheckBox to skip IC Partition Re-Partitioning.

Addition (Huawei/Honor) HiSilicon temp BL unlock (Factory Fastboot) [BETA] for the following SoCs:

  • KIRIN620
  • KIRIN650
  • KIRIN655
  • KIRIN658
  • KIRIN659
  • KIRIN710
  • KIRIN910
  • KIRIN920
  • KIRIN925
  • KIRIN930
  • KIRIN935
  • KIRIN950
  • KIRIN955
  • KIRIN960
  • KIRIN970
  • KIRIN980

HiSilicon 5G SoCs (810 985, 810 and 985, and) will be added to the premium version of the tool later.

  • The added (eMMC/UFS) dump extractor for raw images. Dump files can be extracted using 7zip too.
  • However, UFS ones can’t be extracted (EFI block size is 4096, differing from the previous one in the eMMC (512) It’s not been changed with 7zip as of at the moment),
  • You can quickly download (EASY JTAG, UFI) UFS dumps with our program.
  • To inject a few partitions of the dumps for example, partitions might be useful for extracting from dumps [OEMINFO ], oppo_cusrom Nvram, nvdata] to serve whatever purpose.
Android Utility V106

Android Utility V106

Corrected (Huawei/Honor) Qualcomm UFS firmware extractor (UPDATE.APP) to (rawprogram[x].xml),

  • The program previously generated an XML that contained only the (APPs) partitions, but excluded some partitions that couldn’t be found within the factory program,
  • Like (bootfail_info persist, oeminfo and the modem NV partitions) and could result in (a device verification failure issue) The procedure is modified,
  • The program takes all partitions out and creates an semi-factory XML conforming to GPT partitions in the app document).
  • (Huawei/Honor) (Huawei/Honor) Board firmware Flashing updated and corrected.
  • The software can remove (UPDATE.APP) into (XML documents for QUALCOMM CPU, and scatter files for the MTK CPU).

Fixed Samsung flashing issues (Download mode).

What is the best way to use it?

  1. In the beginning, you must get the ZIP file using the following link
  2. Then, you should remove all files from C: drive ( important)
  3. Make sure you’ve turned off your antivirus before running your installation
  4. After that, you should open the folder and install the setup file following some basic instructions
  5. Run the “MTKMetaUtility.exe
  6. After that, you’ll need to install all drivers if you have already installed them. You can skip this step
  7. Connect the phone and attempt to accomplish any function
  8. Enjoy !!!


Compatible: The tool works flawlessly on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, along with Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

Create a backup: If you are interested in trying the tool above, you should back up the personal information on the device you use for Android smartphones or tablets. Flashing any firmware or recovery could damage the device.

Credits:: MTK Auth Bypass Tool was developed and released through the creator. Thus, the total credit goes to the developer who distributes the tool at no cost.
Download Link:: Link

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