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Minimal ADB and Fastboot – Latest Tools Download

Minimal ADB and Fastboot – Latest Tools Download

A tiny Application for Windows that allows users to install the most recent versions of ADB and Fastboot Files on your Computer without having to install the complete Android SDK Package + Toolkit and Commands

ADB & Fastboot + 1.0.6 Toolkit Download Free Tool


  • Installation Folder that can be selected (Installer)
  • Desktop & Start Menu Shortcuts (Installer)
  • Toolkit
  • View Commands, How to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging
  • Add to the System Path Environment (Installer)
  • Additional Universal ADB Driver Install (Installer)

Toolkit functions:

  • Disable Bloatware Without Root Access (They are just being removed from the current user)
  • Re-install the uninstalled apps
  • Installation of Kernel (Reboots instantly in Bootloader, Popup Menu)
  • Installation Recovery (Reboots automatically to Bootloader Popup Menu)
  • Download APKs (Popup Menu)
  • Installation APK Splits/Bundles APKs (Installer Desktop/ABI Folder portable: ABI Folder)
  • Push Files (Popup Menu)
  • Verify the Firmware Version.
  • Check Android Version
  • Check Kernel Version
  • Verify Firmware Build Date
  • Check the date of build for Kernel.
  • Make sure you check the security patch date
  • Verify IMEI
  • Check IP Address
  • Check App Packages
  • The Check Process Activity (Real Time)
  • Screenshots are taken (PNG Format)
  • Recoding of video 30-60 120, 180, and 120 Seconds (Without the sound of the device)
  • Reboot the Device
  • Reboot to Bootloader
  • Exit the Bootloader and the System
  • Reboot for Recovery
  • Create a Bugreport (Saves on the desktop)
  • Create a Logcat (Saves to Desktop)
  • Exit (adb kill-server and close Toolkit)

ADB & Fastboot + 1.0.6 Toolkit Download Free Tool

How do I Install it?

  1. Download ADB-and-Fastboot++_vXXX.exe
  2. Follow the Installers’ Instructions and select the location where you’d want to put in ADB and Fastboot+
  3. Once the Installation Wizard is completed, you are able to choose to begin ADB and Fastboot+
  4. There should be an Command Window open. Now you are able to use ADB as well as Fastboot commands.
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