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Download HASNIT3CH Ramdisk Window Tool

Download HASNIT3CH Ramdisk Window Tool

HASNI T3CH Ramdisk AIO Version 3.1 is a small tool for Windows computers. It allows users to execute a range of tasks on the iDevice using a single button. The device is the option of paying for a service. If you must sign up for the ECID, you will need to pay the reseller.


Features HASNI T3CH Ramdisk AIO:

–Supported iPhone From iPhone 6s to iPhone X

  • iPads that Apple supports: A9 to A11
  • –Passcode Bypass–
  • >> Boot Ramdisk
  • >> Backup Or Activate

–Hello bypass–

  • >> Change Serial Number To :F18MWSF6FFDQ
  • >> Connect in Normal Mode & Generate Activation Data
  • >>Connect DFU Mode
  • >> Boot Ramdisk & Restore Activate Hello

–Boot Ramdisk–

  • >> Put Device in DFU
  • >> Check Device
  • >> Tool Have Auto Pwnd DFU
  • >> Click BOOT RAMDISK
  • IF ERROR :
  • >> Always Check Driver in Device Manager For Every Stage!
  • >> Read Driver Intsalation !

Download HASNIT3CH Ramdisk Window Tool


For Going Purple Mode:

  • Supported Devices:
  • 7G,7P,8G,8P, X
  • Need DCSD Cable iPhone 6,6P,6S, 6SP,

====== Tips ======

  • –> Put Devices in DFU Mode
  • –> Check Device
  • –> Boot Purple
  • –> Click Install Driver Button
  • –> Click SN Change Button

——–> DONE

Download Link:: Link

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