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Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01 Latest Free Download

Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01 Latest Free Download

Vyper and Tir Tool is an easy-to-use tool for Windows computers. It allows users to access Sam+ADB modules and MTP Open Browser. Sam Flash, APP Man ADB. Mediatek Py, Qualcomm. Moto Flash tool. Fastboot. You can do all of this with one tool.

Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01 Latest Free Download

Features Vyper and Tir Tool

ADB Functions

Connect & Information- Activate ADB – Reboot Download – Hard Reset (Factory Repair) – FRP removed in ADB Mode, FRP 2022, Old Method. – MTP Browser – Reboot ADB – Deactivate OTAA updates

FASTBOOT Functions

Bootloader OEM Unlock- FRP SPD, Qualcomm, HTC, ZTE- Reboot Device Various Mode

Tools Functions

Recover Serial Motorola- Recoverbootloop- Format Cache Userdata and Cache

MOTO Flashtool

XML Flash Select- Flash- Bootloader OEM Lock- IMEI Information


Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01

  • MTP Open Browser
  • It is dedicated to bypassing accounts and can be used to perform the manual method.
  • MTP is open for applications
  • Youtube
  • Activity Manager
  • Alliance Shield
  • Android Hide Settings
  • google maps
  • APK applications
  • Menu Applications
  • Sam Flash Module

Module for Flashing Samsung Operating Systems

  • Flash OS Samsung
  • Reboot in download mode
  • Reboot in Normal Mode
  • Flash standalone partitions with Tar MD5 Converter
  • App Man ADB

ADB allows you to list all the installed applications on your phone. To remove virus protection

 applications etc.

Vyper and Tir Tool


  • To disable
  • Take out
  • Clear data cache
  • Install APK
  • Allow
  • Notifications (only for certain models)
  • KG MDM(ADB) Methods

Listing of applications that are related to KG

  • Check the current status of the KG
  • FRP Methods (ADB)
  • FRP 2022

MediaTek Module

SP Flash tool technology is used in phones with MediaTek processors

  • MTK META Utility V55 Version
  • Motorola Flasher Pro V1.3 – Free Tool
  • Cicada Android BETA 1.0 MTK Qcom
  • hard reset
  • FRP methods
  • FRP Method 1 Writing
  • FRP Method 2 Format Requires OS Scatter
  • MediaTek PY module, Python
  • This section is for phones that use MediaTek processors.
  • Does not require python installation.
  • The text contains the GPT diagram of the partition table.
  • Auth Bypass
  • Dump Preloader
  • Partitions
  • Connect
  • Back / Write / Erase
  • Hard Reset
  • Bootloader (boot manager).
  • Unlock/Relock Bootloader
  • FRP
  • FRP Samsung
  • FRP/Mi account

Qualcomm module

  • A Firehose loader is required for phones with Qualcomm processors.
  • The text contains the GPT diagram of the partition table.
  • Partitions/Connect
  • Back / Write / Erase
  • Hard Reset
  • FRP

Flash Module for Motorcycles

Fastboot is a tool for installing Motorola operating systems.

  • Boot manager
  • Open an old bootloader
  • Bootloader close
  • New Method: Open/Close bootloader
  • Flashing XML
  • Select XML file in one click
  • Fastboot Mode

These are operations via Fastboot.

  • Boot manager
  • FRP methods
  • Qualcomm FRP
  • Spreadtrum FRP
  • Reset Mode
  • Regular mode
  • Recovery mode
  • Mode edl
  • Fastboot Mode

Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01


  • Recover Motorola signal
  • Bootloop freeze phone repair
  • Format user data and cache

How to Use It?

  1. You first need to download the zip file at the link below
  2. Next, unzip all files on the drive. It’s very important
  3. Next, extract all files from the folder you just opened.
  4. Run the “VyperAndTirTool.exe
  5. If you have already installed drivers, skip this step.
  6. Use the Bluetooth connection to connect your phone to perform any function.
  7. Enjoy !!!

How To Download 

Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01 To download Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.0, Click the link below to download Vyper and Tir Tool 1.9.01. Save the file to your computer. 

Download Link:: Link

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